Celebrities in Streets of Rage 2

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Oh shit. is that schwarzenegger grinning in the background there?
Evil bastard!

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The guy in the white muscle shirt look like Van Damme. 😀

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But there’s more… The muscle guy with the black hair looks like Sylvester Stallone!

Kid chameleon was actually a real person

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Worth repeating – The guy on the Kid Chameleon box came up with the name “Dr. Robotnik.”

The dude in the leather jacket and shades. He is a real person, named Dean Sitton, and among the random jobs he did for Sega includes coming up with the name Dr. Robotnik, along with other badnik names (like Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Catterkiller, etc).

He also named both QuackShot and Decap Attack. 

Just a bit of random trivia to brighten your day. Think about this next time you see the most badass box art ever.

I like to imagine Dean Sitton looking exactly like he does on the box (rolled up acid washed jeans, leather jacket, shades and all) leaning up against a coke machine while SoA executives brought him this photo:

And then he pulls down his shades and says, in a clint eastwood-esq rhaspy whisper, “I’ll call him… Dr. Robotnik” and then gives a fonz thumbs up.

Mario and sonic first time together

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Its no cloudbush but…

What was the first videogame to feature both Mario and Sonic?
Courtesy of some research from TmEE over at Sonic Retro, the answer is in fact:
Mega Turrican (European version).

I noticed something fun in Mega Turrican (European version)… deep in its VRAM there was Mario AND Sonic… I have not seen those 2 in the game… maybe they’re present in the secret level that you can get into after the elevator part (and I’ve not got into that stage yet).

Hi, I’m the Atari joystick connector. You may remember me from such..

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Originally Posted by Anasui Kishibe:
The Sega Genesis/Mega-Drive controller has the exact same pin layout and connector as the Atari 2600. You can actually plug a Genesis controller into an Atari 2600 without any modifications at all and use it as normal

That’s because the connectors were an industry standard:

Originally Posted by Wikipedia:
From the late 1970s and all through the ’80s, DE9s without the pair of fastening screws were almost universal as game controller connectors on video game consoles and home computers, after being made a de facto standard by the use of such game ports in the Atari 2600 game console and the Atari 8-bit family of computers. Computer systems which use them include Atari, Commodore, Amiga, Amstrad, and SEGA systems, among others, but exclude Apple and PC systems and most newer game consoles. Used in the standard way, they support one digital joystick and one pair of analog paddles; on many systems a computer mouse or a light pen is also supported through these sockets, however these mice are not usually exchangeable between different systems. DE9 connectors are also used for some token ring and other computer networks. DA15 is used for Ethernet Attachment Unit Interface.
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Originally Posted by Gozan:
That’s because the connectors were an industry standard:

In 93/94, Atari sued Sega for violating 70 different Atari-held patents. One of which, I remember people mentioning at the time, was for using that off-the-shelf controller port in the Master System and the Genesis. They settled out of court, with Sega giving Atari $50 million in cash and agreeing to buy another $40 million worth of Atari stock (so basically, Sega lost $90 million).

That’s why everybody stopped using that port.

A few easter eggs from the genesis version of Shadowrun

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Not exactly mind blowing, but Shadowrun for the Genesis had a few Easter Eggs in the form of clients that hired you for runs. 

-One was named Alan Turing, which is the name of the man many feel is the father of modern computer science, and for whom the “Turing Test” was named.
-One was named Billy Gibson, short for “William Gibson,” author of Neuromancer, the novel which was to Cyberpunk what LotR was to fantasy.
-One was named Nero Manser, an obvious reference to the aforementioned novel.

Mario had a cameo in Sonic 1!!!

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This might have been posted in the thread already, but you can see Mario in Sonic the Hedgehog:

Those etchings are “supposed” to be two lions but we all know what they are. 😉


Cacildo´s note: I can see it clearly. But since almost nobody else can, another user decided to make a image showing exactly where mario is

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Cacildo´s note: Its a strech. But a pretty funny one.

A secret item in Sonic 1

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This is gonna be a clone of the PA Forums thread, isn’t it XD

😀 With the added bonus of me not having to type up ALL the shit.

I’ll get the ball rolling with Sonic 1…

So I trust everyone’s fucked around with debug mode before in Sonic 1. Ever taken a good look at the end sign post when you’re in debug mode?

As you can see, when you’re in debug mode, the images for all the item boxes are loaded into vram in the spot where the signpost should be. Look at the first image – it’s an item box never seen before. Here’s what it looks like put together:

It turns out it’s an air goggles item. The sprites for it still exist in Sonic 1. The idea was that you’d bust one open, and then you’d be able to breath underwater in Labyrinth Zone, an idea that was later reused in Sonic 3 (via the bubble shield)

^the stuff that would have saved a million gamers in labyrinth zone

So… you guys wanna know how vertical scrolling is handled in levels like labyrinth zone?