Zelda and Deep Purple

Posted by SpacePirate Ridley in 06-14-2008, 02:48 PM

Im sure that most people know this:

-The Zelda music was inspired by the theme April from Deep Purple, Koji Kond is a fan of Deep Purple.
Here form 2:00 to 2:12 and you will see theres no coincidence in that.

-All the game was inspired by the movie Legend from Ridley Scott.

-Also Metroid was inspired by Alien, as a “favour” the main saga villain, Ridley was named after the director Ridley Scott.

Posted by Warm Machine

Originally Posted by SpacePirate Ridley:
-All the game was inspired by the movie Legend from Ridley Scott.

The music thing is a wow, but I think this is possibly untrue. I don’t know when the movie was shown in Japan but was released in the States after the Famicom version came out in Japan.

The morph ball and Mother Brain are this close

Posted by doogles in 03-27-2008, 02:09 AM

Mother Brain is almost directly above the Morph Ball. Like you’re coming full circle or something.

From this huge map.

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The funny part is that this directly correlates with the map in Super Metroid (and later Zero Mission to a degree), where in the beginning you move through the destroyed ruins of Mother Brain’s old chamber and take an elevator down to what was the start of the original game, with the morph ball safely sitting in the exact same spot to the left.

Kid Icarus: a game about Metroids and nudity

Posted by Coolio McAwesome in 01-28-2008, 11:35 PM

Did you know that you actually fight Metroids in Kid Icarus? (Although they are called Komayto instead.) The manual theorizes that they may have come from another planet. Apparently, Komayto means “baby Metroid” but I can’t say for certain.

Baby Metroids, as seen in the game:

Baby Metroids, as seen in the manual:

What’s even more shocking about Kid Icarus is that the game contains nudity. The syrens in the final level are topless. While it’s not overly obvious by looking at the sprites, Nintendo made things perfectly clear for us in the manual.

Syrens, as seen in the game:

Syrens, as seen in the manual: