Cody´s infinite

Posted by PepsimanVsJoe in 09-14-2008, 09:57 AM

In Final Fight Cody has an infinite.
Basically all you do is do the first two punches of his string, turn around(away from the enemy you’re infiniting) and whiff a punch, then do the first two punches again, repeat until boss dies.

Here’s the kicker though.
In Street Fighter Alpha 3 one of Cody’s super moves has him doing just that! 

Cody’s final fight infinite:

I can’t seem to find a decent vid of Cody’s SFA3 super but do his QCF QCF+P one and boom. His first few attacks will show him doing his FF infinite.

Cacildo´s note: I remember seeing the older kids doing this in the arcade… but most of em did this “infinite” trick with Guy!!