Birdo, the most famous nintendo gender mistery

Posted by Jackson in 07-29-2008, 04:13 AM

I think the most shocking thing I’ve ever found out is that Birdo is a cross dressing male… that kinda blew my mind when I found that out… I always thought it was a girl… and the craziest part was it’s always been this way from the character’s conception on SMB2… it says it IN the manual! nutty…


Posted by ImNotLikeThem

Well they have kinda gone back on that since then. It was supposedly more of a NoA decision for the translation for some strange reason. Birdo (aka Catherine) was always female in Japan anyway.

Well actually according to wikipedia, it was always a male in japan? now i’m more confused.

Posted by Jaded Alyx

Well in the Mario Strikers Charged manual, it refers to Birdo as ‘he’.

Cacildo´s note: Well, it is still in the open if Birdo is a male or a female. Or if it’s called Birdo, Birdetta, Ostro or even Catherine. And nobody can answer for sure if Nintendo of America really decided that this transgender detail was a little bit too much for the american audience and decided to cut it and its balls altogether. So this one remains the biggest Nintendo Gender mistery, but I will always love Birdo no matter what.