Majora’s Mask Star Fox alignment

Posted by K’ Dash in 04-05-2009, 04:34 AM

Majora’s Mask Star Fox alignment, I found about it today:…eature=related

Cacildo´s note: I like this one a lot. Its pretty known nowdays, but im happy i have to post it. There´s always someone who missed it

Do a barrel roll, Link!

Posted by RiskyChris in 11-10-2008, 05:12 PM

Speaking of Arwings, does everyone know about the Arwing you can fight in OOT with a gameshark? It’s not exactly part of the game, but I didn’t find out about it until a year or two ago

Cacildo´s note: Here´s a nice and small video of this in action 

Street Fighter 2 turbo boxart

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From another (now locked) thread…

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bricks will be shat, etc
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For the record…
Cacildo´s note: Really love this one. I remember this boxart as something terribly ugly, like the original SFII boxart, but only after this post i noticed the Dhalsim cameo

A rare case in which the second comment is more shocking than the first

Posted by emilio in 07-30-2008, 03:45 PM

The glowing dot on the Ugly Heads (from Mega Man 2 Airman’s stage) is the small energy item, mirrored and with a different blinking.

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That I had already seen. But try this! Imagine the big purple dude as a monkey… the line at the bottom is the mouth and the round hole his nose. I can’t unsee it anymore 😦

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Not only can I not unsee it, I can’t even see it how I used to see it…


Cacildo´s note: After a while i got to see it how i used to see. Its like an angry Octorok. But most of the time i just see the monkey.

There´s something inside every hadouken

Posted by SUPREME1 in 07-23-2008, 11:41 PM

I’m sure I’m posting the obvious for 90% of you guys… BUUUUT, Ryu & Ken’s Hadouken attacks are actually their hands in energy form. Look at their hands and at the center of the energy ball.

Though it was there to see in the original SFII, it wasn’t too easy to spot unless you were looking for it. It became less obvious in later games and was even completely dropped in some later games. However, they made it as obvious as possible in the last pic:

Posted by BocoDragon

I didn’t know about the Hadoken hands… I used to draw pics of Ryu doing fireballs like 15 years ago.. All my childhood drawings… inaccurate 😦