Kid chameleon was actually a real person

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Worth repeating – The guy on the Kid Chameleon box came up with the name “Dr. Robotnik.”

The dude in the leather jacket and shades. He is a real person, named Dean Sitton, and among the random jobs he did for Sega includes coming up with the name Dr. Robotnik, along with other badnik names (like Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Catterkiller, etc).

He also named both QuackShot and Decap Attack. 

Just a bit of random trivia to brighten your day. Think about this next time you see the most badass box art ever.

I like to imagine Dean Sitton looking exactly like he does on the box (rolled up acid washed jeans, leather jacket, shades and all) leaning up against a coke machine while SoA executives brought him this photo:

And then he pulls down his shades and says, in a clint eastwood-esq rhaspy whisper, “I’ll call him… Dr. Robotnik” and then gives a fonz thumbs up.

A secret item in Sonic 1

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This is gonna be a clone of the PA Forums thread, isn’t it XD

😀 With the added bonus of me not having to type up ALL the shit.

I’ll get the ball rolling with Sonic 1…

So I trust everyone’s fucked around with debug mode before in Sonic 1. Ever taken a good look at the end sign post when you’re in debug mode?

As you can see, when you’re in debug mode, the images for all the item boxes are loaded into vram in the spot where the signpost should be. Look at the first image – it’s an item box never seen before. Here’s what it looks like put together:

It turns out it’s an air goggles item. The sprites for it still exist in Sonic 1. The idea was that you’d bust one open, and then you’d be able to breath underwater in Labyrinth Zone, an idea that was later reused in Sonic 3 (via the bubble shield)

^the stuff that would have saved a million gamers in labyrinth zone

So… you guys wanna know how vertical scrolling is handled in levels like labyrinth zone?

Some people know A LOT about Sonic games!

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Most people think that, when you play Sonic 3 & Knuckles, Sonic and Knuckles’ stories are happening at the same time.

But they’re not. Knuckles’ story takes place AFTER Sonic’s story is completely finished. There are several clues that point this out:

*You never see Sonic, nor Robotnik when playing as Knuckles (Flying battery zone glitch and ending notwithstanding)
*The Death Egg isn’t at Launch Base Zone
*The Death Egg isn’t at Lava Reef Zone
*The ghosts have already been released in Sandopolis Zone
*Angel Island is floating during Knuckles’ story, as evident by the final boss battle with Mecha Sonic. If it was taking place at the same time as Sonic’s story, it would be in the ocean.

Incidentally – Sonic 1 takes place over the span of 1 day:
Green Hill Zone – morning
Marble Zone – daytime
Spring yard zone – evening
Labyrinth Zone – Inside, so no look at the sky
Star Light Zone – night
Scrap brain zone – dawn

Sonic & Knuckles takes place over the course of 3 days, 6 if you count Knuckles story.


Sonic´s first appearance

Posted by ckohler in 02-06-2008, 04:43 PM

Did you know that Sonic’s first ever appearance was on the side of a band’s tour bus?

When Masato Nakamura was hired by Sega to write music for the first Sonic the Hedgehog, he had just made it onto the scene with his band called “Dreams Come True”. Sega offered to promote the band’s tour while also revealing the upcoming game’s characters on the sides of the band’s tour busses. This was the first time Sonic was ever seen by the public or media. At the concerts, flyers were also handed out promoting the upcoming game.

> > Read for yourself

Did you know that the ending theme to Sonic 2 is based off a real song with lyrics?

When Sonic 2 rolled around, Nakamura’s band has become wildly popular and the band’s sound would influence the game’s music even more. This time, the ending song for the game would be the song “Sweet Sweet Dreams” on the band’s latest album title “The Swinging Star” released the same year. This album would go on to be the most popular selling album in Japanese music history for the next several years.

> > Download and listen for yourself!