Ninja Turtles and Watchmen

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My roommate swears that the little logo on the skateboard of TMNT for NES is a watchmen reference. I guess he could be right because both came out around the same time. 

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Wow, apparently it is. :lol If not, it’s a hell of a coincidence.

Action movie heroes from the 80´s and videogames

Posted by drizzle in 02-04-2009, 10:36 PM

I think i remember the “Snake from the first Metal Gear Cover is based off Kyle Reese” from this thread…

But i’ve been searching for the Contra Cover Stalonne/Schwarzenegger animated gif and I couldn’t find it on this thread (But i remember seeing it on gaf).

So here it is:

And there’s a bonus from the european version of Super Contra, which i didn’t know of:

Sorry if this has been posted, but i swear to god i looked for it. Like, four times the past months.

Capcom Vs SNK + Beer

Posted by drizzle in 12-18-2008, 11:17 PM

The song that plays in the options menu of Snk vs Capcom – Millenium Fight 2000 has a sample of a Brazillian Beer TV AD Commercial.

While at the options menu, you can hear somebody say “Kaiser, uma grande cerveja, a cerveja dos momentos felizes” sampled in the middle of the music, meaning “Kaiser, a great beer, the beer of the happy moments” during the music, which was the beer’s cathphrase at the time.

I couldn’t find any good copies of the video online, so i made my own:

I couldn’t find the actual beer commercial anywhere, but you can totally hear it in the background.

I’ve always wondered how the hell that showed up there, but nobody knew back then.

Searching for the video on the web today to post it here, I found that, apparently, that music was made by a Brazillian DJ and that song used to play a lot in a Brazillian Radio Station in Japan. Apparently, it was a very successful song and capcom, somehow, got a hold of a copy and put it in the game. The person that said that went saying that the actual DJ emailed capcom to ask for a explanation and that’s what they gave him. 

I never heard that song before (I live in Brazil) and why did the DJ mail Capcom, instead of suing their asses? That’s a very debatable answer but hey.. at least it makes sense.

Street Fighter 2 turbo boxart

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From another (now locked) thread…

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bricks will be shat, etc
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For the record…
Cacildo´s note: Really love this one. I remember this boxart as something terribly ugly, like the original SFII boxart, but only after this post i noticed the Dhalsim cameo

Cody´s infinite

Posted by PepsimanVsJoe in 09-14-2008, 09:57 AM

In Final Fight Cody has an infinite.
Basically all you do is do the first two punches of his string, turn around(away from the enemy you’re infiniting) and whiff a punch, then do the first two punches again, repeat until boss dies.

Here’s the kicker though.
In Street Fighter Alpha 3 one of Cody’s super moves has him doing just that! 

Cody’s final fight infinite:

I can’t seem to find a decent vid of Cody’s SFA3 super but do his QCF QCF+P one and boom. His first few attacks will show him doing his FF infinite.

Cacildo´s note: I remember seeing the older kids doing this in the arcade… but most of em did this “infinite” trick with Guy!!

There´s something inside every hadouken

Posted by SUPREME1 in 07-23-2008, 11:41 PM

I’m sure I’m posting the obvious for 90% of you guys… BUUUUT, Ryu & Ken’s Hadouken attacks are actually their hands in energy form. Look at their hands and at the center of the energy ball.

Though it was there to see in the original SFII, it wasn’t too easy to spot unless you were looking for it. It became less obvious in later games and was even completely dropped in some later games. However, they made it as obvious as possible in the last pic:

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I didn’t know about the Hadoken hands… I used to draw pics of Ryu doing fireballs like 15 years ago.. All my childhood drawings… inaccurate 😦