Final Fantasy 1 hate RPGs

Posted by radiantdreamer in 11-10-2008, 11:23 PM

I can’t find an image anywhere of it, but in Final Fantasy 1 there was a tombstone I think in the elf village that read “Here Lies Link”.

Cacildo´s note: “Here lies Link” was inserted in this tombstone only in the “Final Fantasy origins” release, for the PS1 and GBA. The phrase in the original release for the Nes is “Here Lies Erdrick”, and as this guy points out, Erdrick was the hero of the Dragon Warrior series. Here´s a cap

Posted by ruby_onix

Actually, in the original Japanese Famicom version, it was the grave of Link. Then in the English NES version it was the (misspelled) grave of Erdrick. Most likely having something to do with Nintendo of America being the one to translate and publish both Final Fantasy and Dragon Warrior on the NES.

It’s remained Link in Japan through all the other releases of the game, and all of those versions that were brought over were translated faithfully enough to keep that reference intact, even on non-Nintendo systems.