A secret item in Sonic 1

Posted by TheSonicRetard in 07-23-2008, 08:02 AM

This is gonna be a clone of the PA Forums thread, isn’t it XD

😀 With the added bonus of me not having to type up ALL the shit.

I’ll get the ball rolling with Sonic 1…

So I trust everyone’s fucked around with debug mode before in Sonic 1. Ever taken a good look at the end sign post when you’re in debug mode?

As you can see, when you’re in debug mode, the images for all the item boxes are loaded into vram in the spot where the signpost should be. Look at the first image – it’s an item box never seen before. Here’s what it looks like put together:

It turns out it’s an air goggles item. The sprites for it still exist in Sonic 1. The idea was that you’d bust one open, and then you’d be able to breath underwater in Labyrinth Zone, an idea that was later reused in Sonic 3 (via the bubble shield)

^the stuff that would have saved a million gamers in labyrinth zone

So… you guys wanna know how vertical scrolling is handled in levels like labyrinth zone?

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