Bomberman and Lode Runner

Posted by Coolio McAwesome in 01-27-2008, 08:02 PM

Anyone who has ever played Lode Runner for the NES has no doubt noticed that the enemies in the game bare a striking reseblance to Bomerbman. This actually marked the first time Hudson used that design in any capacity. 

In any case, when you finish Bomberman for NES, he turns into a human and becomes the main character from Lode Runner! Evidently, Bomberman was a prequel to Lode Runner, and the Runner and Bomberman ARE THE SAME CHARACTER~!!!

Here are some pictures from the ending:

The original Famicom Disk System version made it even more apparent:

Cacildo´s note: Original pictures were broken. Had to find new ones around the internet, but i dont know if i got it right.