Another one from the FZero universe

Posted by Shoogoo in 04-25-2009, 01:03 PM

Another one from F-Zero.

Mr. EAD. Look at his belt. His face looks like Mario and EAD means Entertainment Analysis & Development. The same department that makes almost every Nintendo games. The creator of his ship “The Great Star” is Shiggs Mapone, they didn’t even try to hide the reference to Shigeru Miyamoto.

He is also present in the ultimate ending in F-Zero X. To see this ending, you need the 64DD and the Disk Drive Expansion and then win every cup in master mode with all 30 vehicles (thus 180 championships in the highest difficulty). After that, the regular ending on Joker Cup and DD2 Cup isn’t the usual one. It isn’t shown on the video but you can zoom, move and turn Mr. EAD with the pad. It’s been discovered in 2006, 8 years after the release.

Cacildo´s note: 8 years to find a secret. A 64DD is needed and you also have to beat every single cup with all the 30 vehicles. After all that you get a secret ending: MR EAD dancing. Man, if it was me getting through all this, i would be very pissed

Mario doesn’t hesitate to endanger his life

Posted by stilgar in 02-05-2009, 11:43 AM

Maybe not absolutely mind blowing, but I realized this yesterday, watching Mario Bros by the Gordon College:

In the original Mario Bros, Mario is breaking the blocks not with his head, but with his fist:

However, in SM 64, he doesn’t hesitate to endanger his life :

I dunno when the switch has been done. But trust me Mario, one day you’ll pay the price for crushing your neurons.

The Blue Fairy from Ocarina of Time

POsted by shaowebb in 02-05-2009, 02:24 AM

Don’t know if anyone else here remembers this from Zelda or not.

The original version of The Great Fairy did NOT look like that creepy cackling ugly …thing.
I had a magazine that had images of the original who was later dubbed Blue Fairy.
Here is a trailer with her in it.

And now a patch that shows she is STILL in the game code.

Also the Dragon in Ocarina of Time was programmed by directly importing an Arwing from starfox into Zelda’s code and editting it. This is also still in Zelda and can be brought out and fought usinga gameshark code.


Kid chameleon was actually a real person

Posted by TheSonicRetard in 02-01-2009, 09:05 AM

Worth repeating – The guy on the Kid Chameleon box came up with the name “Dr. Robotnik.”

The dude in the leather jacket and shades. He is a real person, named Dean Sitton, and among the random jobs he did for Sega includes coming up with the name Dr. Robotnik, along with other badnik names (like Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Catterkiller, etc).

He also named both QuackShot and Decap Attack. 

Just a bit of random trivia to brighten your day. Think about this next time you see the most badass box art ever.

I like to imagine Dean Sitton looking exactly like he does on the box (rolled up acid washed jeans, leather jacket, shades and all) leaning up against a coke machine while SoA executives brought him this photo:

And then he pulls down his shades and says, in a clint eastwood-esq rhaspy whisper, “I’ll call him… Dr. Robotnik” and then gives a fonz thumbs up.