The Blue Fairy from Ocarina of Time

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Don’t know if anyone else here remembers this from Zelda or not.

The original version of The Great Fairy did NOT look like that creepy cackling ugly …thing.
I had a magazine that had images of the original who was later dubbed Blue Fairy.
Here is a trailer with her in it.

And now a patch that shows she is STILL in the game code.

Also the Dragon in Ocarina of Time was programmed by directly importing an Arwing from starfox into Zelda’s code and editting it. This is also still in Zelda and can be brought out and fought usinga gameshark code.


Do a barrel roll, Link!

Posted by RiskyChris in 11-10-2008, 05:12 PM

Speaking of Arwings, does everyone know about the Arwing you can fight in OOT with a gameshark? It’s not exactly part of the game, but I didn’t find out about it until a year or two ago

Cacildo´s note: Here´s a nice and small video of this in action 

Zelda NPCs that you know from somewhere else

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Mario and Luigi

Talon and Ingo

Cacildo´s Note: If you dont get it, here´s a small explanation: Malon and Talon (Ocarina of Time) looks just like Marin and Tarin (Link´s Awakening). Also, Talon has a brother, Ingo, and both together look a lot like Mario and Luigi

The dying soldier of Ocarina of Time

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Straight from this thread


Cacildo´s Note: Well, that´s something i missed both time i played Ocarina of Time to the end. I always heard about this, but to be fair i dont think is that much of a big deal…

Bottles x Magic and the fire temple music controversy

Posted by K’ Dash in 04-24-2008, 05:10 AM

You can reflect Ganondorf attacks with an empty bottle in OoT.

Also there’s a verson with different music in the fire temple and Ganondorf spitting red blood whe you defeat him, I believe the red blood thing is from the first copies of the game, then changed it to green.