A rare case in which the second comment is more shocking than the first

Posted by emilio in 07-30-2008, 03:45 PM

The glowing dot on the Ugly Heads (from Mega Man 2 Airman’s stage) is the small energy item, mirrored and with a different blinking.

Posted by zoukka

That I had already seen. But try this! Imagine the big purple dude as a monkey… the line at the bottom is the mouth and the round hole his nose. I can’t unsee it anymore 😦

Posted by Kunan


Posted by SenseiJinx

Not only can I not unsee it, I can’t even see it how I used to see it…


Cacildo´s note: After a while i got to see it how i used to see. Its like an angry Octorok. But most of the time i just see the monkey.