Ninja Turtles and Watchmen

Posted by Ermc_G6 in 02-04-2009, 03:44 PM

My roommate swears that the little logo on the skateboard of TMNT for NES is a watchmen reference. I guess he could be right because both came out around the same time. 

Posted by Kulock

Wow, apparently it is. :lol If not, it’s a hell of a coincidence.

Celebrities in Streets of Rage 2

Posted by Filter in 02-01-2009, 01:49 PM

Oh shit. is that schwarzenegger grinning in the background there?
Evil bastard!

Posted by bgassassin

The guy in the white muscle shirt look like Van Damme. 😀

Posted by Supa

But there’s more… The muscle guy with the black hair looks like Sylvester Stallone!

Kid chameleon was actually a real person

Posted by TheSonicRetard in 02-01-2009, 09:05 AM

Worth repeating – The guy on the Kid Chameleon box came up with the name “Dr. Robotnik.”

The dude in the leather jacket and shades. He is a real person, named Dean Sitton, and among the random jobs he did for Sega includes coming up with the name Dr. Robotnik, along with other badnik names (like Crabmeat, Buzz Bomber, Catterkiller, etc).

He also named both QuackShot and Decap Attack. 

Just a bit of random trivia to brighten your day. Think about this next time you see the most badass box art ever.

I like to imagine Dean Sitton looking exactly like he does on the box (rolled up acid washed jeans, leather jacket, shades and all) leaning up against a coke machine while SoA executives brought him this photo:

And then he pulls down his shades and says, in a clint eastwood-esq rhaspy whisper, “I’ll call him… Dr. Robotnik” and then gives a fonz thumbs up.

Remedy´s logo

Posted by BirdFlu in 02-01-2009, 05:50 AM

I dunno if anybody’s mentioned this yet, but I noticed it last night. Ever take a look at Remedy’s company logo?

Take a look at what’s inside the ‘R’. Nothing less from the guys who brought you bullet time in Max Payne

Posted by Guybrush Threepwood

The bullet was the first thing I saw.

What’s more amazing is that the letter inside is both an R and a Q. They should do something with that.

Action movie heroes from the 80´s and videogames

Posted by drizzle in 02-04-2009, 10:36 PM

I think i remember the “Snake from the first Metal Gear Cover is based off Kyle Reese” from this thread…

But i’ve been searching for the Contra Cover Stalonne/Schwarzenegger animated gif and I couldn’t find it on this thread (But i remember seeing it on gaf).

So here it is:

And there’s a bonus from the european version of Super Contra, which i didn’t know of:

Sorry if this has been posted, but i swear to god i looked for it. Like, four times the past months.