150 posts (with this one)

150 posts and im yet on page 37 of the thread.

The blog is doing fine. Steady flow of updates, our daily pageview count is pretty low but i wasnt exactly shooting for 100.000 views a day when i decided to create this database…

The tag system on your right isnt exactly what i had in mind when i started the blog, but is the best i can do right now. What i really wanted was a system to automatically add new tags to the list and display a small number next to each tag, showing how many posts this tag have. Unfortunally that´s not possible under WordPress, and i have to manually add each tag to the list (and the system is pretty unstable, so most of the time this process fails and i have to start again)

Anyway, im having fun with the blog, but also having a lot of work to keep the updates coming. Im thinking about adding the google ad system, but since this is not exactly a popular blog, ill probably get less than U$2 a month.

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