There´s people inside!

Posted by Hazaro in 04-12-2008, 10:52 PM

Ok, I’m posting this here, simply because out of mindless hours slaving at building these things, on custom maps and not, I have never noticed this.

Posted by Markster

I obviously didn’t play this game as obsessively as you, so…

what game is that?

Posted by KTallguy

Starcraft, and holy shit I never saw that either.

Posted by Reilly

Never thought there were actually people inside those turrets. They don’t take up people points do they?

Cacildo´s note: It seems this is one of those secrets that only makes any sense to people that played the game for a long long time. I NEVER played Starcraft, but i can see from reactions its some kind of a big (medium) deal to people who played it.


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