Have some F U N with mario64

Posted by DarthWaiter in 03-25-2008, 08:25 AM

Originally Posted by DarthWaiter:
anyone else remember the “FUN” letters in Super Mario 64?
Behind the wall in the American version we got a “F”
In Japan they got a “N”
And in Europe they got a “U”

I can take pics later if you want to see.

Originally Posted by Night_Trekker:
What the hell? Need pics please.

This is the American version, and is the only version of Super Mario 64 that I have access to. Just go behind the door with the 3 stars on it (the first snow stage) and go right up to the stage painting. Position the camera to see behind the painting and you will see it.

You will see the letter F. Its different for other releases; Japanese and PAL.

It spells out FUN. The N64 was called the FUN Machine internally for quite awhile.

Its in Super Mario 64 on the N64 and on the Virtual Console. Not sure about the DS release. I’m about to check

just took some pics:

Posted by Toma

Well it blowed my mind. So I checked it for wanting to be blowed again when I can see it with my own eyes on my own tv. 
So yeah. VC SM64 Europe has the F.
Which seems to be the same as the ntsc american SM64.
My guess is that they havent put up 3 completely different version of sm64, but 3 times the same with different language settings to safe some work? or space online?



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