The speaker in the wiimote

POsted by Mdk7 in 02-07-2008, 10:49 AM

Don’t remember if it has been posted before in this amazing thread but…
Yoot Saito (the brilliant mind behind Seaman and Odama) is responsible for the speaker built in the Wiimote.

Straight from Miyamoto’s mouth:

“During the development of the controller, we heard from a lot of different people offering a lot of different ideas about what to add. And there were ideas about cameras and microphones and more, and we tried many of them out. But the sound teams in particular were very passionate about having a speaker in the controller that could make noise. You are probably familiar with Yoot Saito, who developed Seaman and recently Odama for the GameCube – he made mention that if it had a speaker you could have it ring like a phone…that sort of thing. And a lot of the development teams were excited about it, too. So after debating its cost and function, we decided to include it.”

Cacildo´s Note:  Microphone, camera, speaker. Which one is cheaper? Yeah, the speaker, and that´s the one we have right now.


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