Sonic´s first appearance

Posted by ckohler in 02-06-2008, 04:43 PM

Did you know that Sonic’s first ever appearance was on the side of a band’s tour bus?

When Masato Nakamura was hired by Sega to write music for the first Sonic the Hedgehog, he had just made it onto the scene with his band called “Dreams Come True”. Sega offered to promote the band’s tour while also revealing the upcoming game’s characters on the sides of the band’s tour busses. This was the first time Sonic was ever seen by the public or media. At the concerts, flyers were also handed out promoting the upcoming game.

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Did you know that the ending theme to Sonic 2 is based off a real song with lyrics?

When Sonic 2 rolled around, Nakamura’s band has become wildly popular and the band’s sound would influence the game’s music even more. This time, the ending song for the game would be the song “Sweet Sweet Dreams” on the band’s latest album title “The Swinging Star” released the same year. This album would go on to be the most popular selling album in Japanese music history for the next several years.

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