Halo: originally, the bad guy was supposed to be.. (minor spoiler)

Posted by Jag22 in 01-28-2008, 04:13 AM

In the original Halo Cortana was originally suppose to be the “bad guy”.

“One of the original antagonists for the game was going to be Cortana herself. She was planned to go mad with power after being downloaded into Halo’s control room, which is why in the scene where she’s downloaded into the main control system she starts acting strangely. However, the developers decided against having Cortana betray the Chief and instead made 343 Guilty Spark the antagonist. However, the scene where Cortana is downloaded into the control room remained unchanged, and made a lot of players believe she would go crazy, although it never happened.”

Cacildo´s Note: Never played Halo, so i dont know if this is a big deal or not. Either way, i posted it full.

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