Deus Ex is another piece of entertainment that “predicted” 9/11

Posted by Kandrick in 01-27-2008, 05:57 AM

Something i read on a interview with one of the Deus Ex designers. 

When you are in liberty city, you can see new york in the background, but you cant see the world trade center towers . People complained to the devs about it, and their response was :

When people complained, we just explained that it had been destroyed by terrorist attacks. We start the game with the Liberty Island statue having been destroyed by terrorists a few years before. We just said that the towers had been destroyed too. And this was way before 9-11. Years. That’s kind of freaky.

Deus Ex was released about 1 year before the real attacks.


Cacildo´s Note: Theres more comics/movies/games/ tv shows that “predicted” 9/11, right? I think i read about some others, but cant remember exactly…


3 thoughts on “Deus Ex is another piece of entertainment that “predicted” 9/11

  1. Not such a big deal really: THe game Deus Ex is produced by jews who knew about the attack many years prior, just like many other jewish TV shows, movies, music etc. because it was jews who did the attack, as everyone is now realizing. Hopefully there will be a river of jewish pig blood all over NOrth America and Europe soon.

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